QUALITIES OF A SUCCESSFUL TRADER: The unpredictable markets and the precision with the decisions that go with trading often leads to the conclusion that trading is almost impossible if not, only enjoyed by the lucky; however, this isn’t the case.

It is true that trading can be tricky but there are some key qualities that define every successful trader.


Traders need to be time-conscious and aware of what time the markets open and close in order for them to formulate a winning plan. There are certain time restraints that go with money and these need to be understood before entering a volatile market. Understanding the different time-frames is important to succeed.


ithout discipline, bad decisions are made and a good day can turn into a bad day in a matter of minutes. Traders need to be able to stick to a plan as well as having the ability to not chase losses and be happy with profits without wanting more.

Humble and Modest

Trading isn’t just a way to print money; you could have the best day of your career and then follow it up with the worst day of your career. For this reason, it is important to remain humble even after a big win as this will prevent clouded judgement. A clear mind is needed to allow informative decision making; if you are not humble, this process cannot occur.

Mathematically Programmed

Trading requires a strong mathematical brain because you constantly have to compare different probabilities and percentages in order to weigh up the risk and reward of an investment. If the brain is not trained to think in this way, poor decisions are going to be made because the risk and rewards of investments are not going to be calculated fast enough.

Money Managers

Successful traders are more interested in how they invest rather than how much they invest and this mindset of money managing in necessary for everyone who wants to master the market. Good decisions and wise investments can only be made when you are thinking about how you are investing rather than how much; if you are investing wisely, it shouldn’t matter how much (to an extent).

Strong Willed

If you want to make money in the long run, you have to be strong enough to walk away from the market as soon as your plan has finished for the day. The moment you over-invest, both financially and emotionally, is the moment you have lost control. Markets have never been more easily accessible so restraint and the ability to walk away has never been more important.


There are a million books that explain how to get rich in just a matter of days but you have to be skeptical and dismiss these programs and ideals. There is no real way to become a millionaire in less than a week, whichever path you choose takes grit and determination; trading is no different. Be skeptical about programs that offer the world and be determined to use your time more wisely.