IRISH GREYHOUND DERBY: As you are reading this I’m sipping on a glass of sangria by the pool in Villamoura Portugal basking (well let’s be honest I’m burning) in 29 degrees with my two best friends Jessica and Grace. Our hotel is so fancy that we get Cava for breakfast, I sure am lucky. Don’t panic though I’ll be back on Friday so I won’t miss the quarter finals, as if I’d do that!!

Speaking of the quarter finals I’m delighted to see my ante post selections still there and of course Hovex Mick got trap 1, he has a huge chance of qualifying. Pension plan is still there too, he had no chance of winning against the Rocket but he ran super. There is so much to talk about from Saturday night, we were treated to some cracking races and this is why this is the best greyhound race in the world!

No exceptional clocks were done, so the 6/4 for the track record to go Saturday was a tad short! Sonic was just brilliant, Kilgraney Ace, Tyrur Harold and Clares Rocket, Droopys Cabaye, Sonic, Sidarian Fern, Jaytee Jet and Native Chimes all ran incredible. If this was GAA the most improved player award would go to Droopys Cabaye, I love him and he has really just blossomed in this competition. I tipped four winners from eight on Saturday, also had Jaytee Barracuda betting without and a few seconds but the only race I’m kicking myself about is Jaytee Jet, English greyhound derby winner and he is showing all these youngsters how it’s done. I should have tipped him to win but we will try again this Saturday.

I’m running out of superlatives for Clares Rocket and Sonic, what more can I say about them, simply awesome. Hey Graham, have you ever given Sonic and Clares Rocket a trial together, who won – go on Graham you know you want to tell us!!!! If you have not been to any derby heats make sure you head to Shelbourne to see these wonderful greyhound run. It’s been a few years since I seen really exceptional dogs around Shelbourne Park, sure there has been some mighty fast greyhounds but some of my favourites were Tyrur Ted and College Causeway and of course our very own Accordello our little superstar but I can now add Sonic and Clares Rocket to that list too.

A small trainer like my Dad could go months without a winner, we don’t have many dogs but when Accordello came into our kennels our lives changed. He is the reason we never give up, he is the reason we head to the dogs on a Tuesday evening with an old A5 grader in the back of the van. It’s all about hope, it’s about dreaming that you might get another dog like Accordello. Greyhound racing brings so much joy to us all.

So I cannot sign off without mentioning my little super flying (old A5 grader ha) bitch Brewers Sarah. She won the final on Tuesday night and I told you all she had a chance so I hope you backed her. My Dad, Mam and I got some kick out of that win, that’s our second winner this year so you can imagine how happy we were. She runs again this Tuesday so I’ll be roaring for her from sunny Portugal.

Grab a copy of the Star newspaper Saturday to read about my tips.

See you then.


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