IRISH GREYHOUND DERBY: And just like that it’s all over. The winner of this years Boylesports Irish Greyhound Derby was Good News and what a wonderful winner he was. Once Good News broke from traps it was all over. He was foot perfect and done everything right. He was so consistent the whole way through the competition and the best dog won on the night so congratulations to Patrick Guilfoyle and all connections, these memories will stay with you for life. Black Farren put in a huge effort in second along with Sonic in third, which is two years in a row now he has finished third in the Irish Derby final. I always feel sad when the derby is over, like something is missing. It has been a mental six weeks for me but I loved every minute of it and sure we are straight into the Puppy Derby and Oaks so I wont be feeling sorry for myself for long.

The track looked magnificent so well done to all the staff and groundsmen, all the people who go unnoticed. You all done a fantastic job. My Mam and Dad were lucky enough to dine upstairs and they really enjoyed their evening. They said the food was fabulous and they had a great view from the Oaks suite. The place was jammed. I was in the betting ring all night and struggled to get from one end to the next with the amount of people betting. There were queues and I think the punters had a good night judging from the roars from the stand when Good News went clear and crossed the finish line in first place. It is a great sight to see the stand fully packed, you couldn’t of fitted a small animal up there it was so full. How good was Maireads Spring and Forest Natalee, they ran incredible, the latter winning eight lengths in 28.18 was magical, she is a very good bitch and she definitely spices up the Oaks competition now.

I would also like to thank all the people who approached me Saturday night to wish me well with my weekly column in the Star newspaper and commenting on my IGB Derby blog, your kind words are appreciated so thank you. It’s easy to write about something you are passionate about. Greyhound racing means everything to me, I have grown up with greyhounds, I have been parading winners (and losers) since I was small girl and the love I had for the sport back then is just as strong as the love I have for it now. I often have people say to me that they find it odd that a young woman like myself is so deeply involved in greyhound racing but there are loads of women in our sport and as Patrick Guilfoyle said on RTE the other night, our industry doesn’t get the publicity it deserves. I will shout from the rooftops to anyone who will listen how wonderful our industry is and how much joy these animals bring to us. I had tears in my eyes for the Guilfoyle family, it was a super night and the standard of racing was incredible. I would also like to wish Margaret Bolton all the success with her new public trainers license and she nearly won best dressed too on Saturday night so well done Margaret.

So there you have it, the derby is over for another year but we have the Night of Stars to look forward to and I believe Patrick Guifoyle has mentioned that the next aim for Good News will be Night of Stars so we have plenty to look forward to. See you all Saturday night for the Oaks and thanks for reading my blog and sharing on social media each week, I appreciate the support.

Over and out.