5 TOP TENNIS TRADING TIPS: Tennis is one of the top trading sports on BETDAQ. CAAN BERRY outlines some top tips – even if it’s not an area that you usually trade.

With the increased media activity focusing on the sport, liquidity increases significantly on Betdaq’s exchange. To that end we’ve put together a few tennis trading tips for you, giving you the chance to increase your winnings and limit your losses!

Body Language

If you are going to trade on tennis, you need to learn to read the match and one of the best ways of doing this is through the body language of each player. There are a few players at the top of the sport who are nearly impossible to read but the further you look down the rankings, the easier the players are to read. If you see a player with a decent lead start to shout, break his rackets, or become frustrated, it would be a good time to back the opposition; the earlier you take action, the more lucrative your rewards will be.

Take Things Slowly

Beginners to the tennis markets look into form but this isn’t necessarily the best way to go in this sport, it can even be a mistake to look at previous sets. When it comes to trading on tennis, you need to treat each game as a completely new operation whilst only looking back one game for help. A common mistake is to look back to a player’s last set but this is too long ago – a player is only as good as his last game.

Double Fault

To the average tennis player, double faults are common but these guys in the big tournaments train day in, day out and so shouldn’t be hitting them. If you see a player hit a double fault, it normally shows that they are lacking confidence, are tired, are nervous, and more. For this reason, as soon as you see a double fault try to judge the body language and if you feel as though the player is about to collapse take appropriate action.


Patterns are important in a tennis match because they are likely to be repeated time and time again. For example, if a player has lost a high percentage of service games, it shows that they are struggling and a similar thing could occur in the next service game. If you lay before the game starts, all you need is for the player to struggle to make money because the markets will change.


Tennis is very much a game played in the mind and at times, it can be easy to spot when a player starts to lose it or has been affected in some way. For example, some of the best players use injury breaks to try and break the momentum of the other player so this is a good time to take action. Similarly, rain breaks can also have the same effect. If you can see one of the players playing mind games on the other, it could suggest how the game will turn.

Ultimately, it is your reading of the match that will allow you to make money and you should now be set with the five simple tips listed above. If you are in the middle of the game, don’t pay too much attention to the players’ form before the game but instead try to read which way it is going. If you perfect this skill, you will find it easier to win!