DAQMAN Sun: Betting Secrets

TOMORROW AND EVERY DAY: DAQMAN SHARES HIS SECRETS: Look out for DAQMAN 1-2-3, a full racing guide of facts and figures on the search for value, what not to do, how to find winners hidden in the form and when they’re staring you in the face. Every day in BETDAQ Tips.

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DAQMAN Sat: The 2020 Virtual Grand National

COMPUTER IS KING ON THE DAY THE NATIONAL COURSE FELL SILENT: Daqman paints this Grand National scene today: ‘It doesn’t seem real, sitting round the fire to watch the National on a sunshine weekend. It doesn’t seem real as your horse lines up with no crowd, no bookies.. and no false start! That’s because it’s all happening by computer. It isn’t real. It’s virtual. But it’s all we have for now. Take care.’

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DAQMAN Fri: Fortune Cookies Named

FORTUNE COOKIES: MAGNIFICENT SEVEN JUMP STARS: Goodbye to all that for now but the future is filled with a fine crop of horses. Jumps racing was officially suspended in Britain until July 1 by the BHA yesterday. The HRI made the same decision in Ireland earlier in the week. Daqman looks to the future with seven super Fortune Cookies which will start the 2020/21 season.

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DAQMAN Thu: Virtually A Grand National

HERE’S WHAT’S JUMPING IN THE COMPUTER RACE: Racing moves from reality into the virtual, as Horse Racing Ireland announces an end to the Jumps season, with cancellation of Fairyhouse and Punchestown, while ITV reveals its racecard for a simulated running of the Grand National by computer at racetime on Saturday when the real thing would have been run.

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DAQMAN Weds: Best of the best?

THE GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONS OF THE 21st CENTURY: Here’s the feast of modern star names from 2000 to 2019 which join Daqman’s 20th-century heroes in yesterday’s column for the computer card of champions, with the final field to be chosen by ITV. ‘Race’ to be run on Saturday alongside a simulation of this year’s big race lost, which Daqman researches in the rest of the week.

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