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Bundesliga Gets Green Light To Return In May: Football fans got some excellent news from Germany today as Chancellor Angela Merkel gave the Bundesliga the go-ahead to resume their season in May. The German Football League must now decide whether to start on the weekend of 16-17 or 23-24 May.

It seems certain now that they will be the first big league in Europe to return. Angela Merkel said that players and staff will not have to quarantine for 14 days because of the clubs regular testing. There had been some doubt about the possible re-start this week after some players tested positive, but the major effort to test players consistently has seen the green light to return.

Many leagues around Europe will be keeping a very close eye on developments in Germany and what they can put into practice in their own country. The Netherlands and France have already called off their leagues, but the Premier League are awaiting news from Boris Johnson before having a meeting to discuss ‘Project Restart.’

In Italy, the government have given the go-ahead to resume individual training at club training grounds and while they remain focused on finishing the season no set plans have been put in place yet. It’s a similar situation in Spain however players can train in group sessions from May 11 onwards and La Liga is targeting a June re-start.

The fact that the Bundesliga is returning is very good news for football fans. So far, we have only heard news of leagues voided or ending their season, but if things go well in Germany perhaps we can see football in England, Italy and Spain soon too, behind closed doors of course which is going to be the new normal for some time.