You want to know the difference between decimal betting odds and fractional odds?

Like riding a bike, it’s simple once you know how…

This post is going to show you how to convert fractional and decimal betting odds time and again with ease. You’ll know how to calculate the odds yourself in just a few seconds, without having to look up any kind of conversion table each time.

Decimal Betting Odds Explained (Quickly)

Decimal betting odds tend to confuse most punters, purely because the traditional approach is to use fractions. But in the modern world decimal odds are being used more and more.

Decimal betting odds are used by betting exchanges due to the big jumps in fractional pricing. However, betting with decimals is quite simple.

All you need to do is multiply your stake by the decimal odd to get your pay-out.

That’s it…

So, £10 bet at 6.0 pays out £60. (6.0 is the same as 5/1 traditionally)

No need to add on your initial stake like a fractional bet, that’s the only difference!

Fractional Betting Odds

Betting in fractions is a little old now although still the most used method of expression. Bookmakers generally prefer this as the large jumps in price suit their bottom line.

Having a bet with fractional odds means you have to multiply your stake by the odds and then add on your initial stake again to work out your overall pay-out.

Converting Fractions to Decimal Betting Odds

Now for the important part. How do you effectively convert fractional odds to decimal betting odds and vice versa?

It’s really quite simple, just remember this…

Sum of bookmakers odds + 1 = Exchange odds.

So for example a traditional bookmakers odds of 5/1 is in fact 6.0 in decimal odds.

Calculation: (5 divided by 1 equals 5) plus 1 = 6.0

In terms of betting pay-out you can see they are the same:

  1. A £10 bet at 5/1 pays out £60 (£50 profit plus your £10 stake)
  2. A £10 bet at 6.0 pays out £60 (£10 multiplied by 6 equals £60)

See how easy it is?

We’ve made it as simple as possible for customers by adding profit on our betting slips:

Decimal Profit Box

You can see the pay-out (or liability if you’re lay betting) before you even place the bet (circled in red).

If you’re still a little confused about decimal betting odds conversion then check out the comparisons below:

Fractional Odds                                                                         Decimal Odds

Evens                                                                                                2.0
5/4                                                                                                    2.25
6/4                                                                                                    2.5
7/4                                                                                                    2.75
2/1                                                                                                    3.0
5/2                                                                                                    3.5
11/4                                                                                                 3.75
3/1                                                                                                    4.0
7/2                                                                                                    4.5
4/1                                                                                                    5.0
9/2                                                                                                    5.5
5/1                                                                                                    6.0
6/1                                                                                                    7.0
7/1                                                                                                    8.0

You don’t just have to back a winner with Betdaq either. You can bet on a loser too…

For more information check out this article about lay betting.