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TIMING IS EVERYTHING: You will hear several football betting strategies described across the gambling internet forums and most of them glorified when it comes to using the betting exchanges to turn a quick profit.

Many of them work, have long lasting merit and stats to back them up. If applied with skill, discipline, and knowledge, you too can profit from them. The key ingredient with them all is timing.

We take the opportunity to discuss some of the best exchange betting football strategies here, and give you a helping hand before you get started on the Betdaq Exchange and see what all the fuss is about.

Backing then Laying the Football Coupon Favourites

Finding the right game is the first thing to crack here. Find a short priced favourite with seemingly a simple task ahead in the coming weekend fixtures and as soon as the markets are available, take a win position on them at the initial odds offered. Data backs up the impression that as the game nears, the odds contract due to the weight of expectation and money on them from the more casual punters. Whilst it may not be by huge amounts, you can often take a position against the favourite by laying them at those reduced odds before kick-off, guaranteeing a profit regardless of the result. The same can apply in reverse to the underdog in the same fixture. Laying them at the initial odds can be then a favourable position as they drift towards kick off time, when the mass public pile into the weekend NAP. The timing element is crucial, as you will have to watch the market or be organised to pre-load your required odds and wager. Being prepared to go in-play to make it pay is sensible, as the increased liquidity, early game action, and sentiment can deliver even more favourable shifts.

Taking on the Football favourites and the outsiders

For relatively low risk, you can decide to take on the biggest favourite of the weekend football action for small stakes on a consistent basis, and whilst most of the time you will come unstuck and take a loss, the time a heavy odds-on shot loses to the minnows, you will see huge rewards for that same small outlay. In reverse, you could decide to risk more initial funds and lay the huge odds outsiders, like a League Two club against a Premier League team in the Cup. Most of the time you will make a profit, but the odd time they pull off a “giant killing”, it could also clear your betting bank.

Both methods can work, and patience is required, alongside a sensible staking plan, but what is perhaps more important is the timing of when to get involved and when to leave it alone.

Having knowledge of injuries, recent form, weather conditions, disciplinary issues and anything that could impact the result is hugely wise when going against such a market bias, so be prepared to spot the best opportunities through deeper research rather than just the prices on offer.

Playing the field with First Goal Scorers

Only one player can score the first goal in the match, but the football masses want to back their favourite one to come good and rarely will they agree in unison, meaning there is huge variety in opinion. On the exchange you could choose to lay the field, or most of it, taking bets from Betdaq Exchange punters across multiple players. You can come unstuck of course with one of the players scoring the first goal, but you still have the stakes on the players that didn’t and the chance of a 0-0 or an own goal, or just a wild player popping up that no one fancied, all on your side. Laying players from both teams of course means whatever team scores first, one side of your book will be completely risk free. Laying The Draw To Back The Draw

Finger on the trigger and find a game with goals to deliver on this strategy, but if you lay the draw in a football match pre-game, the odds are usually reflective of the fact that all games of course start at 0-0, and will end a draw if no one scores. That’s simple to understand, but an early goal or any goal and immediately the odds for a draw will likely increase.

This is the time to back the draw and lock in your position and therefore a profit, having laid it before at shorter prices. Timing is key once again and the obvious downfall is a drab 0-0 never gives you a chance to execute the strategy.

Laying Correct Scores

Similar to laying multiple first goal scorers you can try this tactic with correct scores. The more options you lay, the more winners you will have as the game can only end with one scoreline. That said, the prices that you will be able to lay correct scores at are high risk, and getting a bad result comes with the risk. Some will only lay the scores that rarely ever happen, 5-4, 3-3, 4-3 etc and hope for the standard results to make it pay. If you need help working out the form and the chances of each team in more detail, the soccer stats button on our Betdaq Exchange football markets will help you out.

An extension of this strategy is to just stick with laying the 0-0 across the leagues – especially the high tempo and VAR controlled Premier League, where 0-0 doesn’t figure in the top 5 most common scorelines over the last goal packed 5 seasons. Do your research with this tactic and be prepared to play the long game.

Don’t forget about the other tools

The Betdaq Exchange is great for these layer v backer wagers and no doubt you will hear about them a lot. If you are prepared to take a view on a game, or a host of games, or even a team and a season ahead, then it can pay dividends. Timing is crucial, and football punters will have other tools available to them, live pictures, whether streaming via the Betdaq sportsbook or the exchange or just watching the TV, cash out, and in-play betting across both platforms allow for all sorts of different ways to make it pay.