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GLEN JOHNSON: Momentum halted for Liverpool but no alarm bells ringing, the side are missing Henderson, pressure for places and Chelsea concerns exposed by Bayern.

Nothing to worry about for Liverpool

Although Liverpool haven’t been quite at their best since the winter break, it’s really not a time for fans to worry. Yes, they lost to Atletico Madrid in the Champions League, but that tie is still very much in the balance and they’ve shown in the league that they can still win when they are not playing their best.

It’s always a good sign when you can get a result where you’re not quite at it, so Jurgen Klopp will take great heart from that.

The break hasn’t perhaps come at the best time for them, but they are managing to get results and performances will only improve as they get properly back up to speed. Having a few weeks off has probably halted momentum slightly, but things are still in a very good place.

Henderson missing leaves a hole

It was clear that Liverpool weren’t at their best on Monday against West Ham and I thought it showed how much they’re going to miss Jordan Henderson. He’s one of those players who isn’t a superstar name, but he’s one that players around him really appreciate and miss when he’s not in the side.

He’s one of the first names on the teamsheet and his injury absence leaves a big hole in the heart of that midfield. It does mean the other players have the chance to step up and Klopp will be hoping they can.

Hard to see Werner getting into Liverpool side

I’ve only watched Timo Werner on a few occasions, but from what I’ve seen he looks like a good player. He continues to be linked with Liverpool and I’m sure he’d complement the side, although it’s hard to see him starting regularly.

It’s not because he’s not a good player, it’s simply because the club have arguably the best front-three in world football at the moment. It’s very hard to make their attack any better, but there are definitely points during a season when they won’t all be fit or they’ll need a rest and that’s when someone like Werner will be most crucial.

Bayern defeat shows Chelsea are still a long way off

Chelsea were given a pretty good hiding by Bayern Munich in the week and although they should finish in the top-four in the Premier League, the defeat shows they are still miles away from the European elites like Bayern, Liverpool and Barcelona.

It’s one thing to compete in the Premier League, but it’s another to do it in the Champions League and I think Chelsea fans are going to have to wait a while before they are back at that level. They are very much a club in transition and it’s not going to happen overnight, but Frank Lampard has a group of hungry players there that are only going to improve.

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