GLORIOUS GOODWOOD XSP: It certainly was a Glorious week at Goodwood for anyone betting on BETDAQ.

Thus far we have compared the BETDAQ XSP to the Industry SP at Cheltenham, Aintree, Punchestown and Royal Ascot – but this week at Glorious Goodwood set new records!

In the past we have recorded the XSP v ISP stats at 5% commission on BETDAQ XSP, however – because new customers get 0% commission for the first 30 days when joining BETDAQ, we have recorded the stats at 0%!

On the Tuesday at Goodwood, you would have made an extra £3,850.10 for just £10 stakes betting at the BETDAQ XSP compared to the Industry SP, simply incredible figures. Simply incredible value betting on BETDAQ.

For those of you that don’t know, the BETDAQ XSP is basically the price of the horse at the off. On a market where the XSP icon is displayed, BETDAQ will calculate the XSP when the market is being turned in play. BETDAQ customers can select to have any unmatched back or lay bet matched at XSP by ticking the ‘Take XSP’ box when placing the bet.

With that explanation out of the way, let’s get onto the results of Glorious Goodwood 2017!


As we mentioned above, what a day. £3,850.10 more profit betting at the BETDAQ XSP compared to the Industry SP for just £10 stakes. Two big priced winners returned at more than double the Industry SP, with Breton Rock winning at an XSP of 139.64 compared to only 50/1 at Industry and Thechildren’Strust winning at a whopping XSP of 374.91 compared to just 100/1 with the bookies.

When thinking about where the value is, these figures simply speak for themselves.


Wednesday continued to be good for punters on BETDAQ. Here Comes When was a surprise winner of the Sussex Stakes, although the task was made easier when AP O’Brien withdrew the brilliant Churchill, nevertheless Here Comes When got his head in front at an XSP of 27.53. And today you would have made £239.60 more betting at the XSP.


From the high of Tuesday when recording such a massive difference between the BETDAQ XSP and Industry SP, Thursday was the low! You would have only made an extra £13.55 today – which is actually the lowest figure we have recorded when looking at the XSP v ISP stats at all the big meetings this year. The previous low was £75.71.


Things continued to be competitive on Friday when comparing the figures, with the BETDAQ XSP coming out on top by £29.90 over Friday’s seven races. Ryan Moore was really on form today, smashing in a fire quick treble in the first three races! But how impressive was Battaash, a real horse to look forward to.


You could say that after Thursday and Friday, based on past results, that things got back to normal on Saturday – with the BETDAQ XSP beating the Industry SP by £566.77 for just £10 stakes. Frankie Dettori rode the big Saturday afternoon winner as a huge XSP of 49.07 on BETDAQ, and that capped a great week!

So all totaled, you would have made £4,699.92 more betting at the BETDAQ XSP compared to the Industry SP for just £10 stakes at Goodwood this year. That’s quite an incredible figure for only £10 stakes, and it really shows where the value is!

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As always, if you have any questions about betting at the BETDAQ XSP, please feel free to get in touch with us on Twitter – and don’t forget new customers get 0% commission for 30 days when signing up! @BETDAQ.