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PREMIER LEAGUE: Who knows what will happen to Premier League football this season after the season has stopped.

Liverpool fans will want them to finish of course, and now that Euro 2020 has become Euro 2021 there is a good chance of that. However, everything is up in the air at the moment with how the Premier League deal with the situation.

We have seen some incredible moments in the Premier League down through the years. Let’s look at how history would have changed if they stopped the season after 29 games!

The three biggest winners of the Premier League; Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal wouldn’t have seen their titles lost. Manchester United won 13, Chelsea 6 and Arsenal 3. However, Manchester City would come out as big losers. If you stopped the league after 29 games, City would have only won two titles instead of four. Who could forget that Aguero moment. Isn’t that what football is about? Moments that mean so much you never forget them.

Aston Villa and Newcastle would have won a title too. History wouldn’t have Kevin Keegan’s famous “I would love it” rant!

And what about the teams going down? Leicester would have been relegated in the 2014/15 season if you stopped the league now. That’s incredible considering they were Champions in 2015/16. We’ll probably never see something like that again. That’s what dreams are made of.

Although Liverpool have effectively won the league already – it’s not certain yet and looking at history, it would be unfair to just hand them the title. It would also be unfair on the fans too, we all love drama – we all love to see those final games with so much on the line.

History shows that we have so much to look forward to in the final weeks of the Premier League. We need to finish the season. Liverpool might be so close to winning, but we have a lot of drama to come towards the bottom of the table.

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