PROFIT RUSH: Finding an edge when betting or trading is key. Without an edge, you won’t make a profit. That’s why the level of commission you pay is crucial.

0%, 2% or 5% may all seem like small numbers; but it really adds up over time.

Have you ever checked your lifetime P&L? You’ll be shocked at the overall difference. For some, it’s the difference between winning and losing over the longer period.

This is why Profit Rush have teamed up with BETDAQ to offer New Profit Rush users 0% commission via the Profit Rush platform! It’s going to be a huge boost for Matched Bettors who use Profit Rush, dramatically increasing profits over the course of time.

Interested? Let us explain more…

Profit Rush Is A Free Matched Betting Service

We’ve all heard about Matched Betting; however, it’s usually behind a paywall. With profit Rush everything has changed. Matched Betting is now completely free for everyone to use!

Profit Rush has partnered with BETDAQ to offer maximum value to customers.

You can check out here.

Have a quick look around the Profit Rush site to see how good it is for yourself. However, let us explain the features first in this Profit Rush Review.

Profit Rush has everything you’ll ever need, making it a premium Matched Betting service.

Features include:

  • Price matching software
  • Bet calculation tools (multiple modes)
  • Individual profit tracker
  • New offers calendar
  • 0% Betdaq commission for New Profit Rush Customers only
  • Support forum

Profit Rush aims to take the hard work and stress out of Matched Betting; at no cost.

The Price Matcher allows you to find good quality matches for your qualifying bets, the bet calculator gives you the correct stake to lay on BETDAQ in seconds, and the daily calendar gives you a list of the latest offers to generate a profit (at very low risk).

With plans to create Betdaq integration in the near future, it’s likely users will also be able to place their pre-calculated lay bets directly from their Profit Rush account.

Why Is BETDAQ The Perfect Exchange For Profit Rush Users?

BETDAQ is the low commission betting exchange. The answer is simple; less commission means more profit. BETDAQ’s exchange has a base rate of 2%, an industry low. Even without this enhanced offer, it offers great value for your betting.

In recent months BETDAQ offered a blanket 0% commission offer on the US Open, and prior to that, offered 0% commission on all football every Friday to Sunday in August. BETDAQ is committed to giving the customer as much value as possible. This is the same vision shared by Profit Rush.

Also, BETDAQ recently compared their XSP to Industry SP on Horse Racing. BETDAQ had the Best Odds on 97% of ITV Race winners so far in 2019.

The BETDAQ site is very easy to use and has plenty of features that can only help you make a profit, such as preform. Horse Racing and Football are their two most popular sports which is key for Matched Bettors as these sports present the most offers.

Liquidity has been increasing on BETDAQ over the last two years and we can only see it improving in 2019 again.

How Profit Rush And BETDAQ Will Help You Win?

All you have to do is follow the simple steps on Profit Rush. There are tonnes of step-by-step educational videos and articles on Profit Rush to help you along the way.

If you don’t know what Matched Betting is or you just haven’t tried it before; there’s no need to worry. The Profit Rush site will explain everything easily. Then, BETDAQ’s 0% commission will ensure you get maximum returns…

Matched Betting is essentially when you take a Free Bet offer from a bookmaker and lay it back on BETDAQ’s exchange; therefore locking in another bonus whatever happens.

You can repeat this process each day, especially considering that Profit Rush highlights all the Free Bet offers on their daily calendar. By the end of the month it really adds up, and because Profit Rush users get 0% commission on BETDAQ – these profits will only get bigger and bigger!

In terms of betting strategy, Matched Betting is a low-risk high-popularity proposition, thousands of people do it around the UK every day.

If it’s your first time, please consult the education materials to avoid any mistakes.

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