ROYAL ASCOT XSP: You may have already heard by now that BETDAQ are offering New Customers 0% commission for their first 30 days – it’s a superb offer, and we thought we’d look into the figures at Royal Ascot and compare how much more you could have won at the BETDAQ XSP compared to the Industry SP!

For those of you that don’t know, the BETDAQ XSP is basically the price of the horse at the off. On a market where the XSP icon is displayed, BETDAQ will calculate the XSP when the market is being turned in play. BETDAQ customers can select to have any unmatched back or lay bet matched at XSP by ticking the ‘Take XSP’ box when placing the bet.

With that explanation out of the way, let’s get onto the results of Royal Ascot 2017!


Favourite backers got off to a flying start in the first when Ribchester came home in front, and how impressive was Lady Aurelia? Woosh! The disappointment of the day was obviously Churchill running below par, however Barney Roy backers were happy and they got the value on BETDAQ as he returned at an XSP of 5.15 compared to an Industry SP of just 4.5. Overall, you would have made £96.30 more betting at the BETDAQ XSP compared to the Industry SP for just £10 stakes today – the lowest total across the five days.


The BETDAQ XSP considerably outperformed the Industry SP today, as it did each day from Wednesday onwards. For just £10 stakes, you would have won an extra £258.80 today – quite a chunk of cash! Highland Reel won the big one, what a tough horse he is! We also had two big priced winners to complete the card, with Zhui Feng winning at 32.35 (Industry only 26.0) and Con Te Partiro 38.81 (Industry only 21.0).


The highlight of many peoples Royal Ascot was Big Orange winning the Gold Cup – he’s a real crowd favourite and a massive roar went around the course when he was called the winner of the photo finish with Order Of St George! He returned at an XSP of 7.19 compared to the Industry SP of only 6.0 – and overall today you would have made an extra £271.30 betting at the XSP!


Ryan Moore and AP O’Brien landed a Group 1 double today with Caravaggio (XSP of 1.91) and Winter (XSP of 1.53), while we had two pretty big priced winners at the start and end of the card with Different League winning at an XSP of 32.57 compared to the Industry SP 21.0 and Rare Rhythm at an XSP of 31.21 versus the Industry SP of 21.0. Considering the 0% commission offer for New Customers, you could have made an extra £220.20 today!


We finished Royal Ascot with a bang on BETDAQ this year! The last day was the best day for the BETDAQ XSP against the Industry SP, netting you an extra £354.05 for just £10 stakes!

That capped an incredible week, and in total you would have made £1,200.65 more betting at the BETDAQ XSP compared to the Industry XSP over the week. And that was just over five days, think how much more you’ll make by the time you finish your free 30 days when you sign up with BETDAQ!

If you have any questions about the BETDAQ XSP, please feel free to get in touch with us on Twitter @BETDAQ.