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ENGLAND v IRELAND 3rd ODI: Our new cricket tipster The Edge previews the 3rd ODI as Ireland finish their tour of England on Tuesday with the series already gone.

The Edge has been a professional cricket trader for over 12 years, and we are delighted to have his columns on BETDAQ Tips. He provides his best bets on a points scale between 1 and 5, with 5 being a rare max bet.

Because we see so much action in-running on cricket, he will also provide some in-running strategies that could develop in-play and lead to some excellent value bets. The Edge covers all forms of cricket: Test Matches, ODI’s and T20’s but his favourite competition is the Indian Premier League each season.


Ireland finish their tour of England on Tuesday with the series already gone. The boys in green performed a little better at the weekend but ultimately came up well short again. England chased down their score of 216 in 32.3 overs and although they had a little wobble, it was never in doubt.

Bairstow was the star man with 82 runs off 41 balls, however Ireland bowled well to their credit. Once again for Ireland their batting let them down after winning the toss and choosing to bat. I said this after the 1st ODI and I still believe it to be true; Ireland’s best chance of winning is bowling first. They can take an early wicket or two and put England under pressure if they tried to set a target too big and failed. As it stands, England can made plenty of mistakes and still chase the scores Ireland are setting.

Ireland need some runs from their star men Stirling and Balbirnie who have both failed twice now. Their only cause for optimism is the two performances from Campher down the order. Their tail batting has been historically bad, and he has definitely brought an added dimension to the side. The reality is though; England are vastly too good for this Ireland side.


The great news is the weather is once again set fair for a game.

The surface in Southampton has definitely had something in it for the bowlers and with the sun baking down on England, we should see a slightly two-paced surface again. Rashid took three wickets in the 2nd ODI and he’s a good bet to be top England wicket taker again. Ireland don’t play spin well in general and conditions should suit Rashid.


England started the 2nd ODI at around 1.07/1.08 and while they hit 1.01 after bowling Ireland out and Bairstow hitting fours and sixes, they had a wobble after and hit around 1.3 in-running. For a few overs the market was a wicket away from carnage.

Once again I will recommend to focus on in-running strategy here. Hopefully Ireland bowl first and we see England fail with the bat. A chase of 250 would be very interesting – could Ireland reach that?

The Edge Says:
No recommended bet. Focus on in-running strategy.

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The trading strategy worked very well in the 2nd ODI. With England having a wobble but never being in real danger of losing. Of course with them only getting up to 1.3ish, the game didn’t fully develop into a good trading market. With the series over I think this ODI can go two ways – either England get a little lax and we see them trade 1.65+ or it’s a complete blow-out 1.01 train with Ireland terrible like the 1st ODI.

I must say, I’d like to see England bat first and it’s the last chance to do so. Ireland have bowled reasonably well and I feel like they could put England under a little pressure. The trading aspect of course would like me to see England set 250-260 because I’d like to back England to bowl Ireland out chasing that. I just don’t see Ireland getting more than 250. Ireland batting first doesn’t suit a trading market because the game is over before it starts – even before England hit 1.3 on Saturday they hit 1.01! If England can bat first and fail, then we get a good trading market. I’d love to back England to defend a low score.

If England do bat first, I think a lay at 1.08 to trade is a nice play. It won’t cost much and Ireland bowlers have been reasonably impressive – certainly with the new old. Remember though Ireland’s death bowling is poor so unless England are losing wickets and under pressure coming to the 30th over then it’s best to get out. Hopefully England do bat first and we can see a good market for trading. As I said above, the reality is Ireland just aren’t good enough to beat England and the best we can hope for are some good trading spots on the way to an England win.

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