THE EDGE: Our cricket tipster The Edge previews Thursday’s Third Test between England v South Africa with a recommended BETDAQ bet.


We’re set for a thriller on Thursday as the Oval hosts the 3rd Test between England and South Africa. We’ve already had two quick Tests between these sides, maybe we’ll get a five day swinger on BETDAQ Betting Exchange this time! I have to say the UK media make me laugh – we had all the woes after England lost the first Test match and how the Hundred is ruining cricket, then after the second Test they all went quiet – opinions will be decided by the result here!

I think any forward thinking England fan will want them to attack again with the bat. Yes, collapses will happen and they will lose by heavy margins – but didn’t that happen to the ODI side on the way to winning the World Cup? I can’t see England backing down anyway, and this should be another exciting Test match. I am hoping for a five Test intense thriller, but that’s probably unlikely given the way these sides play. The weather might have an impact though, so we could need all five days. England are in a very good place coming into this Test in my opinion – obviously the first Test was a setback, but you can’t knock their performance with bat and ball in the second.

They showed their class in that Test, and South Africa had no answers. I feel the same logic applies here as it did to the second Test. The England bowlers just need to do the same, while the batters need to attack and throw the South African bowlers off their line and length. South Africa’s strength is their bowling – how England deal with their pace attack will decide the game.


As I mentioned above, we do have weather worries here. Temperatures are high and there are thunderstorms forecast – that’s very much a “hit and miss” element, and given the high temperature it might not take too long to dry the ground either. The draw will likely be a popular bet, but I feel the weather isn’t bad enough that it will impact a result. Whatever your view on the forecast, this is definitely a Test for watching the radar. At the moment, there is some form of rain forecast for Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday. It’s a low chance on Sunday and Monday that might not come. But of course, all that could change by the start time.


The draw is going to be a popular bet in Asia given the forecast, so it will be a popular trade too. The first two days look the worst weather wise which I always feel is better for a result. You want the rain early so time can be made up (although we do suffer from slow over rates these days) and teams can attack more. There’s nothing worse than having a side trying to set up the game and it rains on day 4 for example. With the draw trading 3.55, I think that’s low enough to offer value in the market. I couldn’t put anyone off the draw lay, however I’m going to side with England here. South Africa do have a strong bowling line-up, but their batters are there for the taking with this England attack. England’s bowling isn’t far off South Africa, but their batting is much better and that will decide the game.

The Edge Says:
Three points win England to beat South Africa at 2.14 with Betdaq Exchange.

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A lot of in-running strategy is going to focus around the draw here. In that regard, there can only be one plan – keep an eye on the radar. It’s also worth remembering that just when the rain is about to arrive it can bring excellent bowling conditions for 20 minutes or so – watch out for a wicket falling as you build a position on the draw moving in because of rain. I feel we’ll get a result here, so my target will be to lay the draw if it gets short. A solid start for the side batting first will see the draw move in a lot, especially given the early forecast too. There are two other angles I want to keep in mind here – I want to be against the England openers against the new ball and the South African attack, but I want to be with the England middle-order; it’s just a quick trade to get in and out on South Africa early. Then I am very keen to take on the South African batting. England’s bowlers looked superb in the second Test and that can continue here.