TONY CASCARINO: Marks your BETDAQ card for the Champions League games featuring Chelsea, Celtic and Liverpool.

Chelsea v Atlético

Right Champions League tonight and tomorrow night, looking forward to some really good games. I think the intriguing one, that’s hanging in the balance, is Chelsea v Atlético. Now Atlético are not quite where they were 18 months ago under Simeone, they don’t quite look like the same team. Griezmann’s not been effective, they did bring Diego Costa in but can’t play him until January. I think this is a really good game for Chelsea, the price is 2.2, and the reason I say that is because Atlético have to win to have any chance of going through, which they probably already know they haven’t because Roma will beat Qarabag comfortably, which I think dismisses Atlético’s chances. With that, I don’t think Atlético are good going on the front foot, they’re a far better counter defensive team. He’s tried to play more open this year, but I still think that fits well for the home side. Chelsea won away there earlier this year in Madrid, and I think 2.2 will be a great price for Chelsea. As the game wears on, Atlético players will know what’s happening with Roma, and once they find out that Roma are pretty comfortable, I think that’s when Chelsea will win the game, late on.

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Celtic v Anderlecht

Second game tonight I’m looking at is Celtic v Anderlecht. Look, Anderlecht are no hopers in this group, they can’t do anything in it. They would need an amazing victory to even get to level pegging with Celtic. Celtic won there 3-0 in their first game and were by far the better team. I can only see one way traffic in this game. I can only see an outcome of 2-0 or 3-0 to Celtic and to see them at 1.87 against a much weaker side who have been getting battered by everybody in this group, you’ve got to be all over that. That price will not be there by kick off.

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Liverpool v Spartak Moscow

Tomorrow night it’s Liverpool v Spartak Moscow, nervous Liverpool fans have no need to worry – your team will beat Spartak comfortably. I saw the game in Moscow and I’ve got to say Liverpool should have won it by four or five, and I can only see one way traffic. Liverpool will dominate play, possession, and chances. Obviously value for Liverpool to win is very very short, the one thing I do feel is that Liverpool will win by more than two goals. I think if you go with Liverpool -1.5 goals they have to win by two and I think it will be at minimum that. It could be more, but I can only see a Liverpool victory. It’s priced at 1.66, which is still quite short, but if you’d have seen the away game, it was literally chance after chance. Liverpool have shown they can get lots of goals against any opposition and I think at Anfield, this type of night where they win the group if they win the game, I cannot see anything but a resounding win for Liverpool and a really comfortable night. It might be edgy for twenty minutes but once Liverpool get that first goal it will be all over as a contest.

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