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BETTING EXCHANGES: Five reasons why you should use the Betdaq exchange.

Controlling the price of your bet on the betting exchange

Placing a bet with a bookmaker is simple, they offer a price on something and you can take it or leave it. There are lots of options for which bookmaker to use but that involves having lots of accounts and the added logistics of managing your funds accordingly to get your bet on. Often the difference between the pricing is small – especially close to the event or the start of a race.

With an exchange it is similar except there are hundreds, sometimes thousands of people all setting a price on one market and that creates competition for your money, which in turn means additional value is available.

The difference with the exchange is that you don’t need to accept the prices, you can ask for more and wait for one of the layers to take your bet. If a horse is trading at 2/1 with the high street and online bookmakers and you can see the price on the exchange of 3.1 then you are already getting slightly better value. But if you want 5/2, and don’t wish to bet below that price then the exchange is the place for you.

Put a bet in for 3.5 at the stake you are happy and there is a chance this will be matched by a fellow exchange customer – if not matched then you haven’t had a bet under the odds you wanted. If it is matched, you have set your own odds and got on without accepting less.

Cashing out on the betting exchange

We have all got used to Cash Out with the online bookmakers, but the margins built into those Cash Out offers are not in the favour of the customer. For many casual punters it is a wonderful function and perhaps many are unaware it was born from the success of the exchange, where it has been an option since they arrived, providing that is that you can do some simple maths.

Cashing out on the exchange is the simple mechanic of placing a bet or bets against your original bet when the odds have moved significantly in your favour, so you can secure a profit. When all the results that could occur result in you making a profit on a particular event, then you have cashed out and can watch without risk as the result comes in.

No restrictions on the betting exchange

You often hear of online betting customers having stake restrictions placed on their accounts.  This is part and parcel of online betting for sports punters and can be frustrating as when one entity is taking all the risk the chance of being exposed is greater. On the exchange this is not an issue – players are betting against each other, not the house, and each person’s risk is individual.

The amount you can bet is purely determined by the liquidity in the market – the amount of people wanting to back or lay at any one time and the amount of money they are willing to risk in doing so.

In running or in-play betting on the betting exchange

Many online sportsbooks now offer in running or in-play betting across a host of markets, horse racing, football and even politics. This was born on the exchanges and has become one of the most popular methods of sports betting for many.

The opportunity to bet whilst an event is happening is obviously, and pardon the pun, a game changer.

With the exchange, those in running and in-play opportunities are larger, with the chance to back or lay the same selection or multiple outcomes rather than trying to spot value in just one side of a market. By taking advantage of the constant fluctuation in the prices during an event and trading using an exchange it is for many a truly exhilarating experience, and naturally one that carries risk to all that get involved.

With no margin built in to the pricing, no restrictions on stake size, and the option to lay or back a result, means far greater chance of making your in running or in-play opinion count.

Freedom of the betting exchange market

Betting via an online betting exchange gives the punter more freedom to control their outcomes without the stagnant nature or restricted nature of a usual sportsbook operation.

Request your own odds, trade the markets, wait for an event to start, cash out during it regardless of the event, lay a bet or bet it back. Provided there is someone else on the other end of your opinion you will never be stuck for a price or a chance to match your knowledge against another’s.